Books, pamphlets and post cards published by Friends of Heysham Heritage Centre (formerly Heysham Heritage Association).
Book cover  The Heysham Peninsula ed. Eileen Dent

Published by Heysham Heritage Association 2000: 80 pages between A5 and A4: numerous illustrations.

The Heysham peninsula is one of those hidden corners of England, full of interest but little-known outside its immediate locality. The natural heritage of the peninsula, as well as its varied past, are brought alive by nuggets of local history and reminiscences of former times.

 Book cover The History of Heysham : a wide angled view David Flaxington

Companion to The Heysham Peninsula : 80 pages between A5 and A4: numerous illustrations.

St Patrick's Chapel is identified as an early focal point in both Celtic and Roman Christianity and later the Manor of Heysham plays a key role. Important national religious, royal and political personalities are identified, linking Heysham into the wider vision of history.

 book cover The Ancient Ruins known as St Patrick’s Chapel John Procter Revised edition 2007: A5 : reprinted 2018 16 pages with maps and diagrams There are several short leaflets about St Patrick’s Chapel. There are also works of scholarship. This brochure is intended for all those in the middle who feel a sense of history and would like to know more. £2.00
 book cover Heysham  - a History Eileen Dent  

A4 28 pages; orginally published in 1993 by St Peter’s Church but subsequently revised and jointly published by HHA and St Peter’s.

This short but scholarly and well documented illustrated history is a good introduction to the history of Heysham and very readable. Our best seller, having being reprinted several times

 book cover Voices of Heysham  Eileen Dent  

A4 22 pages : originally published in 1996 by St Peter’s Church but then revised and jointly published by HHA and St Peter’s in 2000

An unusual work in that it is sourced entirely from the spoken word of the people of Heysham, with notable contributions from members of the Royds family. By reading the spoken words of people they seem to become more real.. As the author writes:

This book is dedicated to the people of Heysham.

 book cover Crossing Lancaster Sands  

Ruskin Library; revised and extended by Heysham Heritage Association in 2012



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 Jumbo Post Card (A5)    £1.00
 Faery Frolic Faery Frolics  Jumbo Post Card (A5)    £1.00
 Heysham in Bloom Heysham in Bloom  Jumbo Post Card (A5)    £1.00
 Heysham Head Circus Heysham Head Circus  Jumbo Post Card (A5)    £1.00
 Heysham Head Guide Cover Heysham Head Guide CoverHead Jumbo Post Card (A5)    £1.00