Events in Heysham Date AD Notable events

Opening of St John the Divine, Sandylands. AD 1901
Final Voyage of S.V. Vanadis. AD 1903
Heysham Harbour officially opened. 1st September AD 1904



The UK's first petrol tram operates between the Battery and Strawberry Gardens.  AD 1912

Heysham Rectory Hospital opens. AD 1915
White Lund explosion. AD 1917


Start of World War 1. AD 1914
Some women are given the vote. AD 1918
World War 1 ends. AD 1918

Morecambe Bay Holiday Camp opens at Heysham Tower. AD 1925
Heysham Head Pleasure Grounds open. AD 1926

Heysham Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society formed.  1928


Heysham Aviation Fuel Plant built (later known as Trimpell). 1939 AD


The Jarrow March protest occurs. AD 1936
Britain declares war on Germany. AD 1939

Heysham Tower used for Officer Training Unit. AD 1940
Attempt is made to destroy the oil refinery at Middleton. AD 1941
Heysham Tower becomes home to a group of Spanish anti-fascist refugees. AD 1945


Allied forces liberate France. AD 1944
Victory over Japan Day marks the end of World War Two. AD 1945

Start of Cold War.AD 1947 (This lasted until 1991
Formation of the National Health Service. AD 1948



The British motorway system opens with the M6 Preston bypass. AD 1958

St. Peter’s Church holds Millennium celebrations. AD 1967

First World Cup Kart Race at Heysham Head. AD 1968


The Beatles have their first number 1 single and album. AD 1963

Construction of Heysham No 1 Nuclear Power Station begins. AD 1970

Archaeological dig at St Patrick’s Chapel ruins. AD 1977-8


Decimal Day; the United Kingdom introduces a decimalized currency. AD 1971

Local plans for housing housing refugees at Middleton Towers in event of nuclear attack on UK. early 1980s


Tim Berners-Lee invents the World Wide Web..
AD 1989

Heysham Heritage Association formed (now Friends of Heysham Heritage Centre). AD 1990


The Channel Tunnel opens. AD 1994


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